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Church and Church Membership Matters-Your Way to Telling a Good Church

As a matter of fact, quite a number out there are just stuck with the question, nagging and important as it is, of what it is that actually makes a church a good church worthy enough of their membership. If this has been your concern, then you are on the right page for in this post, we will take a quick look at some of the biblical based points to look into when seeking to qualify a church as a good one to attend and ascribe membership to. Check these out and be able to tell that church you have been looking for.

By and large, we can say a church to be defined by an embodiment of people who believe in God, those that seek to know more on God. This said, it is to be noted that as in any faith, there is a general belief that God reveals himself in a number of ways to the believers in Him. Looking at this, it is to be noted that the church being a Christian institution, Christians generally acknowledge that God is revealing Himself to man through general revelations such as in dreams and visions and as well through specific revelations which comes through His Written and inspired word the Bible.

Having said this, we as such are pointed to the fact that when it comes to the need to tell of a church that will not lead you astray in matter of faith, you need to get one that has its teachings and beliefs anchored in nothing other than the Word of God, the Bible.

Basically, looking at the word of God, we get to see what a church actually is and even going by what Henry Ward Beecher once said about a church, this is not a gallery for the showcase of the perfect Christians but rather like a correctional facility or center for the schooling of the imperfect ones. In your search for the good church, you need to be advised to keep this in mind, the rationale and reasoning of Henry Ward Beecher as so paraphrased above. This is even looking at the fact that there are a number who have never been able to settle in a church all for the reason that in their search for the good church, they expect them to be where they meet perfect people there in only to come to the realization that in them are people of like weaknesses and imperfections. Bear in mind the fact that a church is but a place where sinners like we all are get to know to be instructed in the way of the Lord and not a place of the perfect but sinners who seek to be better in their life.

Talking of some of the general aspects to help you tell of a good church that will help you in your life, you need to as well consider ensuring that it is one that actually has such solid mentorship and fellowship programs.

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