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Ways Of Cleaning Wood Cabinets Around The House

There are Ways in which you can clean your wood cabinet and make them look nice for as long as possible especially if it has been a long time since you last cleaned them just knowing the ways will help you clean them perfectly.

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen has the expensive RTA cabinets that are of high quality or if they are the antique ones the important thing to know before you start thinking of the steps that you can use to clean them is knowing how often you are supposed to clean them and with this cleaning them is supposed to be part of your regular routine. The best thing that you can do to minimize dust and dirt build up in your wood cabinets is by dedicating a day per week to wiping down your cabinets because whether you cook or not dust will continue to build up in the cabinets.

One of the things that do determine how many times you can be cleaning your kitchen wood cabinets is the frequency that you do cook at your home so you do cook every day then you will be cleaning the wood cabinets once per day when you will be cleaning the whole kitchen and with this you can be sure if dust and first build being little in the wood cabinets. The best thing that you can do for your kitchen to make it look fresh and inviting is just by ensuring that all your kitchen wood cabinets are clean and with this you can be sure of the kitchen being appealing even for someone who will decide to pass by your home and go to the kitchen, so you do not have to update it.

First step of cleaning wood cabinets at home is by gathering all the supplies that will help you clean the cabinets perfectly from the dish soap to cleaning clothes that are microfiber and specialty cabinet cleaner that contains orange oil then you might also need vacuum cleaner and all-purpose cleaner. If your cabinets are in good shape and just need basic cleaning then when cleaning you can start by adding a few drops of dish soap to a bowl or backer of warm water then dip the clothes to the solution then wipe down the cabinets gently and ensure that you clean all areas of the cabinet door including edges and sides then ensure that the cabinet is totally dry don’t leave water on the cabinet the wood can discolor.

The first thing that you should do if your wood cabinets do have heavy build-up of grease on them is testing your cabinet cleaner on a hidden spot to make sure it does not cause discoloration and if you see that it does not cause any problem to spray it on the cleaning clothes then wipe down the cabinets cleaning all areas including edges and sides and if there are those tough spots spray the solution directly.

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