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Attention Deficit And Hyperactive Disorder

Attention deficit or hyperactive disorder is a condition that affects the memory, causes forgetfulness, restlessness among other problems. It also leads to difficulties in focusing, following proceedings, organization of things and being easily distracted. There are questions that can be asked to know if one has this disorder based on how many of them you get right. People should consider getting tested for the disorder to better learn how to cope with it in their lives. Some people experience things that are difficult to handle because they do not know that they have this disorder which could be prevented. The questions can help in assessing the possibility of having it but it is recommended that one visits a doctor for thorough check up.

Patients with a tendency to do things in a rush or making small errors by not paying full attention can answer with a yes to the first question. The next inquire about how distracted you are or if you are regularly finding it hard to complete some tasks or engages in more than one task at once. Those poor in holding conversations find themselves losing track of what they say or what the other person has been saying to them. There are those who can not commit to a routine or follow instructions step by step and prefer jumping right into the action.

The other question asks about how organized one is both at work and at home or whether one finds a hard time deciding where to start. A person is asked if they are able to focus for a long time on a particular complex problem or they find it really hard. Some people find it hard to focus for long but sometimes they can become hyper-attentive on the same when they are interested.

The person also answers the question of whether they find themselves losing or misplacing items on a regular basis. It is impossible for some people to concentrate when there is noise or activities being carried near them since they find themselves being pulled away by those things. The question also enquires whether a person finds themselves daydreaming and having many thoughts without control. The last question is about forgetting and one states whether they find themselves not remembering what they were going to do somewhere. It is also possible that one can not keep names and important periods for long without forgetting. These questions are answered with a yes or no depending on whether the person finds themselves in any of the situations given.

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