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Guidelines on Preparing for a Home Showing

There are instances when you want to have your house sold for some reason that is best known to you. However, most transactions take very long to be closed and this may waste much of your time while undertaking the process. Here are the clues to perfectly arrange for an home showing event.

You must start by creating a welcoming atmosphere in the house. They can do this by lighting some fire at the fireplace, even if it in the summer. Soft music can as well be used to enhance the mood and the atmosphere in the house. You need to select a good music that will impress the buyer and make them stay longer. If you have water fountains, turn them on during this time. They will help a lot in diffusing the noises that may be coming from your neighbors. Air-fresheners and deodorants should not be sprayed in the house because the buyer may be allergic to them, and may opt leaving the house without closely looking at it. You should instead open the windows and other openings, unless the weather is unconducive.

It is also important to strategically place your favorite photos, portraits, and thoughtful cards in the house. If you have seasonal photos of natural features like flower gardens, snow-covered lawns, you should find prominent positions in the house where you will place them. Remove all the window coverings to allow more light into the house, as well as give the buyer a clear view of the outdoor. The blinds should be partially closed to conceal unattractive outdoor scenery like old fence. All the lights in the house should be turned on, apart from candles, to give the buyer a perfect view of the house. In case there are rooms that have few windows and are not well lit, you can supplement them with spot lights. Computer and TV lights should be turned off.

Finally, put thoughtful cards at strategic positions within the house. All the important information should be written on these cards to give the buyers more insight about the house. There should be a card describing the rooms, if the furniture or machines that are supposed to be there have been removed for some reason. If the door is too short and the visitor is required to lean to avoid getting hurt, or if the stair cases are too steep, you can place cards with these warnings to avoid accidents. You can also add food to this list to crown everything and keep the buyer in your house for a few more hours. Food is known to entice buyers because it will make them stay in the house a lot longer, and they may notice more things. Instead of struggling to get catering services from outside, you can buy a few snacks and drinks which can keep you refreshed throughout the show.
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