YouTube Converter to MP4, AVI, AAC, M4A, OGG, WAV, WMA Online

YouTube Converter to MP4, AVI, AAC, M4A, OGG, WAV, WMA Online :- It may be possible that you are already working on you tube or may be a start or beginner and wanted to grab some more knowledge for the you tube and wanted to share your creativity with whole world with help of this platform of you tube so , as you share your videos do not take quick actions in uploading your videos at your channel before this you should also know that the compressed videos are best to upload on these social platforms like you tube or Vimeo but sometimes it happens that when you upload your videos in compressed file then it can sometimes go wrong as the quality of these videos can go wrong as it lowers down the quality of your video after uploading so , before compressing your video file you are needed to learn first of all that the quality of your video is good before making it visible to public on you tube or the Vimeo.

If you have faced a lot of problems in squeezing and has faced problem of bad compressing with your videos in past then now forget about this problem and leave all of your worries of the poor quality compressed videos.

Now , we are going to give you some of the best tips which you can follow for making your videos to look great on web. In the previous time when we compress any video the quality of that got reduced but those days are gone now , you can get the compressed form of your video even without losing the quality of it.

Although it is not mandatory to compress your files but it is recommended to compress your video file and this compressing do not mean that you needs to make the quality of your video low instead it just reduces the quality of data and by this action it will take the less space for the storage of file so , as if you upload any big file then it will take a lot of time and data and also the storage space but the compressed file are easy to youtube converter download , store and upload on full quality without even suffering for the quality and for this you are needed to use these online you tube converters which will help you a lot in compressing your files and without even compromising the quality of it.


Let us now have a look over some of the best used video formats which are available for your convenience, let us have a look and know a little about the formats which are used mostly for conversion :

Youtube Converter to mp4

This is one of the best used format for converting any video file as it delivers you the best quality in very small size which can be stored easily and this is why it is the most popular format used for formatting the online videos for social platforms like Youtube.

Youtube Converter to WMV

This is the most initial and previously designed format which us being used from long time for streaming the live programs and it is also providing you the features of small size and the videos of good quality. The best part of it is that you are also able to easily transfer this format with help of email.

Youtube Converter to FLV

It has become one of the most popular and demanded format for converting your video as it is the format which provides you the file size which is smallest after compressing your video and can be preserved or stored in a high quality of file. The videos which are the FLV format takes quick loading over internet and is also known as the flash video.

Youtube to OGG

This format is mostly streamed by the users and can store both of the files either video or audio. You will be going to get the best quality for audio or sound and will also help you in saving a lot of space with the same quality which was previously on your video.

Youtube to AVI

It is the oldest method or format which is being used for converting files and is a long time standard container which was being developed by the windows. You can also run this format file even on Macintosh and Linux operating system but from long time this format of AVI has also been converted or replaced by the format of WMV.


Why do we compress videos before uploading them online?

There are many people who have the question in their mind that why do they need to compress their files as they can also upload their file directly to the site in its actual format. Now , we are going to provide you the answer of this question that what are the benefits of compressing videos before you upload them on any social platforms online.

The files size and format of your video will reduce

There are many things in a file on which the size of a particular video depends these are like high definition and standard definition , color palette , compression , frames per second and also the amount of movements which are available in a video. The actual files or uncompressed files are very large in size and the uploading of such files take a lot of time.When you upload any thing on You tube or Vimeo you may be aware that there is a limitation of size for uploading video and when it comes to the uploading of large size video the you tube will automatically compress the video which will not be good specially in its quality. So , it is much better to compress video by your own and then upload it.

 Video formats which are approved by the YouTube

There are some special formats which are approved by the You tube as it do not allows all type of format and for getting the perfect format you sometimes need to convert your format of video. The outputs which are supported by Youtube are MOV , MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP , MPEG etc. So, you should always choose the videos of smaller size.

Reduce the usage of mobile data or save bandwidth

Bandwidth is basically the speed of internet connection of the uploader , at most of the time every one faces the problem of bandwidth, the small files are easy to upload and this also saves your bandwidth so it is better to reduce the size of your file before uploading it.

Youtube is one of the best platforms for viewing videos of all kind , you are able to stream any kind of video on youtube which you want to. If you are working or using You tube on Windows PC or laptop then you might have already seen a lot of you tube converters there and these converters are really very helpful to get your favorite video in the desired format. On daily basis a lot of new software or converters come in existence and launches every day and it becomes a quite difficult and confusing that which software is best to choose so today we are going to share some of the best youtube video converters from which some are free or for getting some converters you will be required to spend some nominal amount. So , you can choose any of them from your own choice and get the best one for you which suits best let us have a look over them :

Online youtube converters available for windows

If you wants to get a video converter online for your windows device then below are listed some of the converters from which you can choose any according to your needs –

Youtube Clip Converter

The first online youtube video converters in this list is clip converter which is available free of cost that is you do not need to pay any charges for getting it , not only it is free it is also a very good video converter available for you and it not only allow it’s users to convert the videos in their desired format apart of it you are also allowed to download and record videos with help of it in your particular format.

The clip converter not only supports youtube it also supports Vimeo and other services , the best thing due to which it is very popular among users is that it also allows them to play their favorite youtube video online in the desired format and can also watch the youtube videos on offline mode with help of the PC or TV or by help of any gadget the only thing which can bother you a little is the speed by which video is converted as , the process of conversion takes some minutes and is slow.

Online Video Convert

Next converter which comes in this list is online video convert which is used by the windows PC or laptop and it also allows it’s users to convert the videos or download it in several formats like as of Youtube converter FLAC, MP3, OGG, AAC, WMV, WEBM, MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMA, WAV and much more. Thus , online converter will allow you to give full compatibility on all of the modern browsers , this software also do not require any registration procedure for the installation and it also offers you do unlimited video conversions and download which are completely free of cost you do not need to pay any charge for it.

You will be also going to get the premium version of this converter or software that is your I’ll be needed to pay some nominal amount and can add some additional features like can increase the speed of conversion and also get the superior quality of downloading or converting although the professionals or the people who are having very high standard will do not find it more useful but for the normal users or the middle viewers this software is very good with all of the basic features.


Now , the another you tube video converter in the list is convert 2 mp3 , it is one of the best you tube converter for the windows users and it also supports Vevo , daily motion , clip fish etc. It provides a lot of features to its users like fast and easy converting of files , no registration , downloading your favorite videos and can also convert them in different and several formats of your choice. Although it is a very good converter the only problem which is faces by its users is that the processing is bit slow and takes long time in converting videos but the best part is that you are able to directly search for your video or audio and tell drawback of slow processing do not seems a big problem you can try it on your own behalf and find its benefits.

Youtube to MP3

This is another converter which do not needs the downloading or installation for it you only need a youtube URL  and by help of this URL you will be easily able to convert your video and procedure begins shortly. You can use this converter in any of the device like Linux PC or with Mac PC and even in the iPhone and the best part is you will be going to get the high quality converted video the only issue is the speed of conversion which is a bit low apart of it everything is very good.


This is another free of cost available youtube converter which is best suitable with any of the operating system version and also allows its users to convert your videos of any format in your desired one, you can also play your favorite music and stream it in just only few of the seconds and enjoy it. So , you will not be going to face any kind of drawback with help of this you tube converter it is a very good and most used software for the users.