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4 Bangle Bracelet Types You Can Obtain

A bangle bracelet refers to a particular bracelet without a clasp that it is simply put on the wrist. There are some known as cuff bracelets since they have a bottom opening but that doesn’t close so it still is slipped on your wrist. These bracelets are considered to be a timeless accessory that won’t be going out of style any time soon. These bracelets can be worn perfectly by women and young girls alike due to it coming in at different sizes. These bracelets can be worn and layered with various colors and different styles all on one wrist. Men are not left out of the picture for there are also bangles that are specifically made for men. The ones made for men are wider and are typically found in solid black, silver, or gold. They come in many different styles and there is always the perfect one for everybody.

Stretch. A bangle bracelet does not have clasps but they are inclined to hug close over the wrist. Stretch bangles are just the right tightness and are the most suitable bangle for children to use. Such type of bangles are generally crafted with decorative charms, beading, if not diamonds.

Wooden There are as well the wooden type bangle bracelets that you can have. These are often a bit wider compared to the plain silver variety. They may feature painted designs as well or just basic solid colors. Some are imprinted with names or else sayings.

Jeweled. The jeweled bangles are typically a girl’s favorite. These are the truly lovely glittery ones with brilliant colors. A little girl would think of a jeweled bangle as a princess’ bracelet or even her crown. These are the type of accessories as well that are often stacked onto the wrist with a variety of different colors. A jeweled bangle bracelet maybe filled with diamonds, but they do feature every diverse birthstone. Thus, everyone will surely be able to get a bangle that come with his or her particular birthstone. Some of these jeweled bangles may be custom-designed, and several mothers have opted to have the birthstones of all of their children imprinted on the bangle.

Watch. Watch bangle bracelets are also available for men as well as for women. Some of these have the shape of the simple silver versions that are quite hard to slide into the wrist, while others have the shape of the cuff versions which can be slipped on a bit easier. As a matter of fact, the watch have started to get back into the trend. When people started carrying cell phones everywhere with them and referred to them for the time, watches started fading away; but with bangle watches looking just like ordinary bracelets the watch bangles are coming back in fashion.

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Practical and Helpful Tips: Fashions
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